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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rose::DB::Object - High Performance Perl ORM


  • At 6/08/2006 07:52:00 AM, Blogger John Siracusa said…

    I don't think you can extrapolate from the presence of extensive inlining to the smaller number of developers. The number of developers is influenced by many factors, perhaps the least of which is the amount of inlining in some portions of the code.

    Also remember that only the "hot" code path is aggressively optimized. All of the "setup" stuff (metadata, database support, column types, relationships, etc.) is designed for extensibility, since it is only done up-front rather than repeatedly.

    Finally, performance issues aside, RDBO also has many other unique features. For example, there's extensive built-in support for many column data types, "smart" column value inlining, "flattened" many-to-many relationships, etc. RDBO also goes a long way towards hiding vendor-specific differences between databases.

    DBIC also has many unique features. It's not just a "more flexible" version of RDBO, nor is RDBO just a "less flexible, but faster" version of DBIC. (Besides, both statements depend on what you mean by "faster" and what, exactly, you want to "flex" :) There are significant differences in the APIs as well.

    You can find a longer summary of the differences between DBIC and RDBO here:



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